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Local Boys Inc. is owned by Robert and Trevor Jones (Father & Son), who operate a Tent-style fruit stand in Gig Harbor, Washington, next to the Purdy Bridge.

Local Boys Christmas Employment Application Information

Local Boys is taking applications for Christmas Tree lot mamagers!!

You can Contact Trevor Jones via email or call 1-(253)-858-5355 for information.

Thanks for your interest in Local Boys.


About Local Boys of Gig Harbor

Open The beginning of May Through the End of October From 9am to 9pm Daily! Local Boys Fruit and Produce is a family owned and operated company. We offer the season's best fruits and produce available in May, June, July, August, September & October when fresh fruit and produce is being harvested from our very own farms.

We specialize in only the season’s best fruits and produce as well as our Very own products such as homemade tortilla chips, homemade sweet and sassy salsa, homemade preserves, homemade syrups & Northwest Honey’s.

Robert and Trevor Jones (Father & Son) both decided that they wanted to venture into a different avenue with there business. In June of 2010 Local Boys opened up a newly remodeled building that has an outdoor/tent look to it. They kept the same products and ... Read More


Local Produce

We are Know For our Local Farm Fresh Prouduce and Fruits. Here are some pictures of the products that we carry. The freshness and quality is in the pictures!